Mangos and Moonshine is the brainchild of two local girls from the Big Island of Hawaii with a true love of cooking, entertaining and of course, eating!  When one of us fell in love with and married a good ol' boy from the Carolinas, we discovered that Southern food and the food we grew up eating are not so different.  Though over 4000 miles apart, both cultures focus on bringing people together, sharing good times with the ones you love and food - though not always good for your waistline, oh so good for the soul.

The philosophy behind Mangos and Moonshine was to create a place for real people to learn tried and true recipes that remain budget friendly - without compromising flavor or style.  Many of our dishes use  a combination of everyday ingredients and simple techniques.  We hope after trying one of our recipes, you will tell us what you think, come back for more and discover that you now already have some or most of the ingredients you need.  

The same philosophy applies to our approach to entertaining.  We rely on our 30 years of combined food and hospitality experience and always remember that a little creativity and thoughtful planning are the paths to success for any event, small or grand.  The key is to never give up, every miscalculation you make just serves to make you better the next time.  Our hope is that you can benefit from some of ours.  

Whether its a luau or a low country boil, come join us for some bi-coastal party tips and comfort food that we hope will warm your belly as well as your heart.

-Kim and Jenn